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drawMD APP-aided preoperative anesthesia education reduce parents anxiety and improve satisfaction.

Patient Education and Counseling

28 Aug 2015

The satisfaction scores in the drawMD group were significantly higher than that in the control group.

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DrawMD Cardiology is a great tool to improve patient-clinician communication


19 Nov 2014

Using tools such as DrawMD, we can literally use the art of medicine to empower our patients.

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Using DrawMD to Illustrate Anatomy and Empower Patients

Dr. Brian Stork

31 Mar 2014

Using tools such as DrawMD, we can literally use the art of medicine to empower our patients.

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Boehringer to sponsor patient iPad app


04 Oct 2013

Boehringer Ingelheim and Visible Health have entered into a collaboration where the global pharma company will sponsor Visible Health's series of drawMD Cardiology patient education iPad apps.

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TEDMED Great Challenges


14 Feb 2013

Physicians are not typically trained in interpersonal communications and are not rewarded based on their communication skills.

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The iPad Mini for Medical Education?

03 Nov 2012

Patient Education in the Clinical Setting - the larger screen size of the iPad is really great for educating patients and showing them the images of their radiology images and patient education apps like DrawMD.

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drawMD for ... SLP?

10 Sep 2012

Medical SLPs often use anatomical models to explain various voice, speech, and swallowing conditions to patients and family. Wouldn't it be great to be able to send a copy of the model and education home with the patient to review as needed?

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drawMD gives doctors reason to buy an iPad

Barton Associates

31 Aug 2012

An informed patient is a happy patient. Providers who can effectively communicate with their patients can expect high patient satisfaction scores and improved outcomes.

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Yes, There's Probably A Medical App...


10 Aug 2012

With thousands of medical apps available for download, patients and physicians can instantly keep visual records of wounds and look up symptoms.

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11 Super Mobile Medical Apps


07 Jul 2012

Healthcare is in the middle of a mobile revolution. Doctors are adopting mobile apps that make them more effective, and patients are taking to ones that give them more control over their healthcare. Here are 11 apps that stand out from the crowd.

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The App as Health Aide

The New York Times

11 Jun 2012

drawMD as a way for patients to communicate non-verbally with healthcare providers

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Top 10 free iPad Medical Apps

11 Jun 2012

These apps by Draw MD alone should give physicians a legitimate reason to purchase an iPad.

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Hologic Delivers on Its Promise

07 May 2012

Hologic Delivers on Its Promise to Provide Innovative, Minimally Invasive Technologies for Gynecologists and Obstetricians at the ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting

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28 Amazing New Ways Philly Doctors...

Philadelphia Magazine

27 Apr 2012

Philadelphia hospitals and universities are behind some of the best medical breakthroughs in the world.

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Medical Apps for Urologists


04 Apr 2012

‘When you sit shoulder to shoulder with the patient and the iPad in front of you, it is really a conversation’

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Five ways hospitals are using the iPad

MedCity News

07 Nov 2011

For hospitals, Apple’s iPad tablet computer is about much more than checking and updating electronic health records.

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Apple’s top 50 iPad apps for doctors


08 Oct 2011

drawMD Urology enhances doctor-patient communication by offering a new paradigm for explaining complex issues and their possible medical and surgical solutions. Designed by two Urologists seeking.

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Urologist-developed iPad app lets...

Urology Times

15 May 2011

A new iPad application developed by urologic surgeons allows physicians to use detailed interactive imagery to illustrate and describe treatment options for medical conditions.

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Faculty Speaker Series

Apple Faculty Speaker Series

15 May 2011

Brief talk illustrating drawMD's usefulness in daily practice.

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