Personalized Patient Education That Works

drawMD is a visual education tool that makes discussions of medical conditions and procedures more memorable

  • Explain conditions and procedures visually
  • Print or email handouts for patients
  • Professional medical artwork
  • Works on the Web or iOS and Android apps

Personalized Diagrams


Easily and quickly draw simple patient-friendly drawings at the point of care using drawMD's professional medical art backgrounds and drop-in stamps. Or upload your own background to annotate with lines and text.

Patient Handouts


Prepare your patients with a memorable visual handout they can take back to their family to clearly explain their care plan. Make it personal with notes. Print or email from your mobile device.

Professional medical artwork for many specialties

General Surgery
And more...

drawMD is a patient education software application for everyone

drawMD was created to provide nurses and doctors with an easy-to-use software tool to provide support to patient education efforts. Our goal is not to eliminate the face-to-face time between nurses and doctors and their patients but instead to make it more meaningful and memorable. We provide simple medical artwork, not complicated 3-D models, along with drawing tools and a user-friendly interface so that you can draw and teach complex conditions and procedures. Unlike some of the pre-packaged patient education solutions which can cost a lot of money, drawMD lets you easily create materials customized to your own personal style which you can save and reuse.

Used by clinical professionals from these prestigious insitutions

Jefferson Health
University of Texas Health
University of Michigan Medicine
Duke University
University Hospitals
Weill Cornell Medicine
Penn Medicine
UCLA Health
Temple Health
Houston Methodist
Memorial Hermann
Barts Health, NHS

Praised by clinicians

"Patients and family love the application."

Dr. Anthony Corcoran

Attending Physician, Winthrop Univeristy Hospital, Long Island, NY
Assistant Professor of Urology, Stony Brook School of Medicine

I use drawMD during every clinic. When new cancer patients come in, I show them their cancer on their own CT scans first. Patients need to see this, but it can be confusing to some patients. I then use drawMD to highlight the anatomy in a palatable way and how we would treat their cancer surgically.
DrawMD makes a complex extirpative and reconstructive procedure simple for all patients to understand. This is the real value of drawMD. Cancer patients are nervous and it can be difficult to follow a detailed discussion about anatomy they have never seen. With drawMD, the discussion is accompanied by illustrations that allow the patient to comprehend exactly what the surgery entails. The drawings are simple to create so we create them in front of the patient which saves me time.
I have found that patients and family members love the application. It definitely helps them make informed choices about surgical treatment options.

"I find drawMD extremely useful in my practice when counseling patients."

Dr. Alexander Kutikov

Chief, Division of Urology and Urologic Oncology and Professor, Department of Surgical Oncology, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA

I work at a busy tertiary referral center and see many patients who present with complex surgical issues. I find drawMD to be extremely useful in my clinical practice especially when counseling patients regarding the robotic prostatectomy.
In this way a consultation which can often be extremely confusing for the patient is extremely efficient and clear.
Try drawMD in your practice and I think you will be amazed how receptive the patients are to this approach.